By Mail Voter Registration

To ensure that your voter registration is received and processed in a timely manner, you will want to register before the NH deadline:

Submitting your voter registration via mail is easy! We’ll show you how:

You will need:

  • Your town clerk’s contact information
  • Printer
  • Pen
  • Signed witness affidavit
  • Copy of proof of identity
  • Copy of proof of domicile
  • Stamp
  • Envelope

Step 1: Find your town clerk

You will likely need to contact your town clerk. Search for your town clerk here:

If you search, your results will load here!

Step 2: Request an “Absentee Registration Packet” from your town clerk

Absentee registration packets need to be requested from your town clerk if you plan to vote without going to the polls. Call or email your town clerk to get yours.

Step 3: Gather items

Some items you will need are a signed witness affidavit (download that here) and proof of identity and domicile. You will need to make copies of this to mail in. Please don’t mail in your actual documents! You will also need an envelope and stamp if you are not returning your packet in person.

Step 4: Complete “Absentee Registration Packet”

Complete the absentee registration packet sent to you by your town clerk.

Step 5: Mail in your items

You will want to mail in your signed absentee request form, witness affidavit, and proof of identity & domicile. The deadlines for each election are:

General Election

November 3, 2020

Voter registration should be received before October 21, 2020

Your town clerk may have specific deadlines, so it’s good to check with them first!